The Wonderful World Of Wall Graphics

The Wonderful World Of Wall Graphics

Feb 2020

The Wonderful World Of Wall Graphics

Walls provide some of the most versatile spaces for signage. Wall graphics can be used for a number of different purposes. Here’s what wall graphics can do for your Atlanta-area business.


Wall Graphics Can Be Used As Arresting, Vibrant, And Effective Commercial Signage. You Have Many Options When It Comes To Using Wall Graphics To Promote Your Atlanta-area Business.

Signage and graphics are, for many businesses in Georgia, the most cost-efficient form of advertising. Television and radio ads can be very effective for some businesses. But they are expensive and require recurring costs (you have to keep paying to keep your ads on the air). And if these commercials miss your target demo or underperform, you’re out a lot of money. With wall graphics, this is less of an issue. You only need to pay for your graphics once and then they’re on your wall for a long time. You just have to make sure you like the graphic design before you install it on the wall, so you want to work with an excellent and professional sign studio local to the Atlanta area.


But what form should your commercial wall graphics take? What materials should you use? The answer to this will be different for every business. It depends on your budget and the aesthetic of your brand. The most inexpensive option is usually vinyl. Vinyl printing can be used to make really cool and stylish wall graphics for your Atlanta business. But vinyl is not your only option. Dibond signs use a plastic core sandwiched between aluminum panels. Alumalite has a corrugated plastic core in between aluminum panels. Both are lightweight and highly customizable.

Not Every Sign Can Be A Dazzling Promotion For Your Atlanta Business. Sometimes Signage Needs To Convey More Utilitarian Information. Wall Graphics Can Be Used For That As Well.

Wall graphics can be used in or outdoors to display the name of your business, logo, slogan, and other promotional and branding information. But not all signs can act as paeans to the glory of your Atlanta-area business. Sometimes, you need to convey more basic information. But wall graphics are effective for these jobs, too. You can use aluminum signs to display wall graphics telling people not to smoke or park in a certain area. Use custom wall graphics to indicate the restrooms in your Atlanta bar. Wall graphics are all also effective as wayfinding signage.


Wall Graphics Are Sometimes Less About Conveying Information And Sometimes More About Conveying Feeling. How Can You Use Wall Graphics To Compliment The Aesthetic Of Your Atlanta Business?

Atlanta is becoming more and more of a tourist hub. If you manage a hotel or hostel in the Atlanta-area, you can use digital printed wallpaper depicting Atlanta scenes to welcome visitors to the city. Or if you run a daycare center in Atlanta, you can use fun wall graphics to amuse the children and help them learn.

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