What are Trade Show Graphics?

Trade show graphics are the printed visual assets that a brand displays at their exhibition booth. Trade show graphics refer generally to two-dimensional assets, though they can be displayed in dynamic, three-dimensional formats. In most cases, trade show graphics integrate text and images to convey branding messages.

The category of trade show graphics includes banners, backdrops, signage, placards, floor graphics, and pop-up and table top displays, among others. We have a team of expert signage consultants who can help you with the creation of your customized trade show graphics. If you want to discuss more the sign related services we offer, give us a call today.

Types of Trade Show Graphics

Floor Graphics

People usually know floor graphics from sporting events. Brands come up with tried and tested brand-reinforcement tactics by using floor spaces to advertise themselves. But if you want to use floor graphics for your business promotions, sport events are not the only option.

Pop-Up Displays

Guess what pop-up displays do? They “pop” up! Often made of fabric, these are only banners in the loosest sense of the word, but they have the same end-goal as traditional banners: getting people’s attention.


Banners offer a ton of customization options, along with being an affordable way to advertise your business. Banners can be one of the most beneficial signs that your company can invest in. Banners are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes including trade show displays, schools, club events, or even churches. Easily installable, these customized banners can be mounted in several ways depending on your business location.

Table Top Displays

Perhaps the most classic of all display options, a portable tabletop configuration means that you are ready to set up shop wherever you can find a flat surface to use. Perfect for making your logo stand proud at the center of your set up, our tabletop displays are light to carry and quick to post.

Trade Show Graphics Features

Exceptional visibility

When you need to convey an important message, Trade Show Graphics exceptional visibility guarantees more impressions than traditional signage.


They are used as Portable Displays, Stands and Roll up Displays. They are easy to handle and to carry.


Trade Show Graphics are very durable signs.

Cost Effective

Trade Show Graphics are easy on pocket, they are not expensive.

What are Trade Show Graphics For?

To Stand out from the competition with a cutting edge that’s why we need trade show graphics. Trade show banners and displays printed on the highest quality materials and customization can do wonders with your brand. Our trade show graphics solutions will help you create a unique branding experience that attracts a ton of attention!

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