What are Truck Wraps?

One of the best ways to get your business noticed in the Chicagoland area is by taking your brand on the road with vehicle graphics. Nothing has the same impact in the sign industry as mobile marketing. With the amount of driving that people do on average, the roadways are the perfect place to appeal to the shopping impulses and service needs of the public. Vehicle graphics, decals, magnets, and wraps all have their specific advantages, and can bring maximum results for your business! Using vehicle graphics allows your business to reach entirely new audiences. Any business that operates a fleet of vehicles should consider a vehicle graphics package.

Vehicle graphics can also help customers identify your business, which can be essential when you provide services at their homes. When a tradesperson or cleaner arrives at a customer’s home, vehicle graphics can help reassure the customer that the individual is not just a stranger off the street.

Types of Truck Wraps

Truck Vinyl Wrap

A vinyl truck wrap from Wrap Guys is the ultimate way to get your truck to stand out on the road.

Food truck wraps

We have played a very important role in the food truck industry by designing and wrapping some of the most creative food truck wraps.

RV Wraps

All RV and motorhome wraps are available in both full vehicle wraps and partial vehicle wraps and are completely custom designed.

Partial Vehicle Wraps

Custom vehicle wraps are used to display text and images, completely transforming the appearance of a car, truck, van or trailer.

Truck Wraps Features

Easy to Install

All our truck wraps are fully installed and finished by us. You don't have to worry about a thing.

Made to Last

All the truck wraps we make will last 10+ years of outdoor use with no fading or cracking.

No Damage to Vehicle

This wrap uses an adhesive that is safe for use on the walls of the vehicle and will not cause damage when properly removed.

UV Resistant and Waterproof

Come rain or shine, your wraps have been designed to withstand it all, maintaining color and quality.

What are Truck Wraps For?

Truck wraps are large vinyl graphics or vinyl decals that are applied directly onto a vehicle without causing any damage to the original paint job.

As one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising a business, truck wraps offer a long lifespan and can be designed to include any color or pattern imaginable. Unlike other forms of advertising that require a monthly fee, pickup truck wraps can provide years of advertising for only one payment.

Truck wraps and truck decals can also be removed at any time and by anyone without causing damage to the original paint job underneath. All truck wraps from Wrap Guys are made from high-quality 3M vinyl material and are coated with a special UV layer, which not only protects the wrap from sun damage but also protects your truck’s underlying paint from chips, scratches, and dings.

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