Types of Outdoor Signs for Your Business

Types of Outdoor Signs for Your Business

May 2020

Types of Outdoor Signs for Your Business

Business plans, target markets, online activity, and marketing strategies are all important for a business to succeed. After all, these factors create the ideal business: one that thrives, innovates, and outperforms its competitors. However, one key component to a lucrative business is signage. Signage allows passerby to identify your brand and logo. For anyone confused about what to do with their sign, check out these different types of outdoor signs for your business. You’ll see some of the many ways you can expand your brand awareness and customer reputation.

Monument Signs

Monument signs are ground-mounted, free-standing signs. Their low profile makes them an excellent choice for eye-level viewing. They are also extremely versatile. Businesses can customize their monument signs with different materials and designs. Specifically, brick, stone, concrete, wood, plastic, and metal make up monument signs. Various colors, text faces, corners, and technological details showcase the sign further. Companies can maximize their marketing with this appealing, durable option.


Banners are some of the most common outside visuals that companies use. They are cost-effective, simple, and visually appealing. With different shapes and sizes, stores can advertise any message anywhere. The most popular places to hang them are on the sides of buildings, outside awnings, inside windows, and on doors. Banners are versatile and advantageous for any business.

Electronic Signs

Another type of outdoor sign for your business is an electronic sign. These signs use today’s modern technologies to advertise any store, restaurant, or hotel. They’re programmable and their high-quality design protects them from environmental factors, like harsh weather. LED and electronic signs may be more costly upfront, but their animated illuminations supply constant focus to that business.

Reader Boards

Reader boards are visual display boards that convey information. For businesses, they highlight specific information related to products, deals, promotions, and store information. Many unique places use them, including schools, churches, and farmers’ markets. This is because the signage is easily adaptable, with changeable letters and numbers. Places can easily change the information on the sign biweekly, or as often as needed.

Directory Signs

Finally, directory signs help people find a business or company within an industrial or business park. Directory signs are great for inside buildings, as they direct foot traffic to office suits, room numbers, apartment numbers, and more. Any passerby can view the information on foot or from a vehicle.


For the right outdoor signs in Atlanta, check us out at Atlanta Signs Custom LLC. Our custom outdoor business signs use many different materials of your choice, including plastic, vinyl, nylon, plywood, painted glass, laser-cut metal, rock, and heavy-duty fade-resistant fabric. You don’t need any signage experience to tell us what you want. We’ll consult with you to create the perfect sign for your public space, building, or any other purpose.


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