Uses For Fence Signs

Uses For Fence Signs

Mar 2020

Uses For Fence Signs

What can your Georgian business do with a fence sign? Fence signs can come in handy in the Atlanta area for a variety of reasons. Fence signs are inexpensive, versatile, and durable.


1. Fence signs are one of the best ways to convey important information for parking lots. If you have a fenced off parking lot for your business in Sandy Springs, GA, you have a perfect place to install parking lot signs.


Fence signs are often made of aluminum. Aluminum is lightweight, inexpensive, but still durable and versatile in terms of what text and graphics you can print on it. Aluminum fence signs are great for parking lots because the information they convey is functional. Fence signs can be used to display parking hours, that parking is for customers or staff only, or for people with accessibility needs. Fence signs are great for bringing order to your Sandy Springs parking lot.


2. Outdoor events are notoriously difficult to organize. If your outdoor event in Smyrna, GA, has fencing surrounding it, you can use fence signs to display useful information for your guests.


Getting people where they need to be can be really tough at an outdoor event. You need to provide your guests and staff with wayfinding and directional signage. But finding a place to install these signs can be tricky. Yard signs and post and panel signs are good options, but they can get in the way. Fence signs are cheaper and you already have a place to install them. Use fence signs at your Smyrna outdoor event to direct people to entrances and exits, restrooms, etc.


3. Fence signs don’t just have to be aluminum signs displaying functional information. You can use fence signs for commercial purposes at your Decatur, GA, event or outdoor space.


You can use fence signs to advertise your Decatur business, brand an outdoor space, thank sponsors, or welcome guests. These commercial fence signs can also be aluminum, but they’re usually made of a different material. Vinyl is a great material for a banner. Banners are flexible, inexpensive, and portable. Coroplast is a tough, lightweight, waterproof corrugated plastic that also makes for a good commercial fence sign.


4. Fence signs are also great for church and spiritual messages. Whether you want a sign to display on the fence around your Marietta, GA, church property or for an outdoor church event, a fence sign is an effective tool.


Fence signs are typically oriented horizontally and they can be quite long. This makes them great for displaying full sentence messages. And this makes them great for spiritual messages. Use a fence sign to display a spiritual message at your Marietta church, synagogue, mosque, temple, or other house of worship.


5. Fence signs are also great for construction companies. If you’re managing a construction site in Atlanta, GA, there’s a lot of information you might have to provide. Fence signs are great for all of them.


Use a fence sign at your Atlanta-area construction site to:

  • Warn people of hazards
  • Apologize for the inconvenience
  • Display an artist’s rendition of how the completed project will look
  • Display the name and logo of your construction company

If you’re in Atlanta, Smyrna, Sandy Springs, Decatur, Marietta, or nearby in Georgia and would like to learn more about fence signs, please contact us.


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