Vehicle Wraps: The Most Efficient Form of Advertising?

Vehicle Wraps: The Most Efficient Form of Advertising?

Apr 2019

Vehicle Wraps: The Most Efficient Form of Advertising?

How effective is vehicle wrap advertising?

When we at Atlanta Custom Signs point out that vehicle wraps are a really effective form of advertising, people often look surprised. But if you actually think about it for a minute, you’ll see what we mean. With the business scene in almost any sector being highly competitive in the Atlanta area, you really need to get the most bang for your advertising buck. Every business will have its own advertising strategy, and these strategies often involve advertising across multiple media. But if you run any business that involves a fleet, a work vehicle, or even if it’s just your own personal vehicle that you drive to and from work and everywhere else, you can really benefit from a vehicle wrap.


Attracting Eyeballs

How many vehicles do you think pass by on an average day? How about per year? On average, American drivers pass ninemillion vehicles on the road each year. You read that right. And this is where the true value of vehicle wraps are evident. Businesses pay marketing firms huge sums of money to figure how to attract eyeballs to their advertising and on to their product. You can spend months on market research to develop a television ad that targets your key demographic. But you can also employ a vehicle wrap that will be seen by pretty much everybody. One vehicle wrap or graphic can generate 30,000-80,000 impressions per day.Per day!


Bring Your Message to the People

Stationary signs can be very effective at making impressions on passersby, but the best way to get your business noticed around Atlanta is to bring your message right to your audience. Vehicle wraps allow you to take high quality promotional materials with you everywhere you go.Vehicle wraps are a great way to expand your reach but perhaps the best thing about vehicle wraps is how cost effective they are. Vehicle wraps require a one-time payment; no recurring billboard rental or radio airplay fees. And vehicle wraps allow you to turn time that would be otherwise wasted running errands or going to work into effective advertising.


Who Can Use Vehicle Wraps?

Any vehicle can be wrapped with high quality graphics. But who can most benefit from vehicle wraps? Well, businesses that provide home services –pest control, remodeling, painting, maid services, etc.– are classic candidates to benefit from vehicle wraps. Vehicle wraps can also help clients identify staff vehicles, which can make customers feel safer working with your brand. And don’t forget the importance of branding. If your business uses a fleet of vehicles, make sure that the vehicle wraps are uniform across all your vehicles.


Fleet Vehicles

Speaking of fleets, any business that uses a fleet of vehicles should strongly consider using vehicle wraps. Some classic examples of types of fleets that often use vehicle wraps include:

  • Taxis
  • Landscaping companies
  • Construction crews
  • Cleaning companies
  • Delivery services
  • Vehicle rental agencies
  • Tour services

Keep in mind, however, that if your business doesn’t employ a fleet, vehicle graphics can still help. Even if you onlyhave your own personal vehicle, turning it into an advertisement for your business can’t hurt.


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