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Vertical Signs

Vertical signs literally elevate your brand above the competition and maximize message visibility.


Vertical signs are mounted to the facade of your storefront, either using brackets or by affixing the sign directly to the building. This type of sign is particularly popular in hotels, parking lots, bars, restaurants, and commercial retail stores, but their unique advantages appeal to all types of businesses.


Because they’re mounted up high, vertical signs are easily spotted from long distances, and aren’t obstructed by heavy foot traffic or passing vehicles. Atlanta Custom Signs also offers a comprehensive collection of illuminated vertical sign options to get your message to stand out even more after dark.


Vertical signs are particularly useful where space is limited. Rather than fighting to carve out sign space on a crowded downtown street, take advantage of vertical space to maximize your visibility. From up high, even simple signs can outperform competitors with displays set up in less prominent positions. It’s like that old saying: if you want to soar with the eagles, don’t swim with the ducks!


Unlike horizontal signs, which display content from left to right, vertical signs read top to bottom. This may alter your design somewhat, but don’t fret–vertical signs have incredible capacity for customization.


Custom Vertical Signs in Atlanta, GA


Looking to create a custom vertical sign fast for your business in Atlanta, Georgia?


Atlanta Custom Signs can help. Our attentive customization process streamlines every step of your vertical sign design and installation. From ideation to end-result, we offer responsive support and total transparency, working with you to bring your vertical sign vision to life.


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