Wall Murals: For When It’s Time to Go Big

Wall Murals: For When It’s Time to Go Big

Dec 2019

Wall Murals: For When It's Time to Go Big

What we in the sign design and manufacture industry tell our clients about signs is that they require minimal investment but can help to make big changes. Competition is tough in the Atlanta area of Georgia, whether you run a retail store, a bar or restaurant, or really any kind of business. Anyway that you can give yourself an advantage could be worthwhile. And signs can give you an advantage in many ways. Sometimes signs are great promotional tools and sometimes they work great to serve a functional role, such as with wayfinding.


Marginal Gains

The theory of “marginal gains” may still be hotly contested in areas such as sports, macroeconomics, and government policy, but with signage, it makes perfect sense. Even if a sign is only going to give your business a small edge, it’s probably worth it because most signs are relatively inexpensive. It’s not like you have to invest in a great big television ad campaign; sometimes you can boost revenue with a simple window sign. There are many examples of small signs giving businesses outsized benefits. But sometimes small signs just won’t cut it. Sometimes businesses and organizations need to go big. And there are fewer signs bigger than a wall mural.


What Is Wall Mural?

There are many different types of wall signs that you can commission for your Atlanta-area business, store, office, or organization (or even your home if you just want unique decoration). But nothing is as big, as special, and as striking as a wall mural. Wall murals leave nothing to chance when it comes to getting noticed. If somebody is within eyeshot a wall mural, they’re going to notice it. Wall murals are bold statements. They let people know that you have something important to say.


What Are The Benefits Of Wall Murals For Businesses

Just how and where a business can employ a wall mural is up to that individual business. The benefits of wall murals are many and they all vary depending on the context in which they are used. When used externally, wall murals act as memorable identifiers. If you manage a bar with a wall mural of a giant purple monster on the side of your building people are going to remember your bar as, if nothing else, “that bar with giant purple monster on the side of it”. They will also definitely know they’ve found your bar when they walk past it and see said giant purple monster.


But your wall mural doesn’t have to be was weird as that, of course. For example, if you manage a daycare, a pediatrician’s office, or the office of any kind of doctor or healthcare professional who deals with many children, having a colorful and playful wall mural in the lobby can put kids at ease in what might be a stressful situation for them. The same is true for organizations like schools or community centers. In these cases, having a nice wall mural that reflects the positive aspects of your community can help promote unity and positivity.


Atlanta Custom Signs

Atlanta Custom Signs is happy to design and install wall murals for businesses, organizations, and individuals all over the Atlanta area. To learn more about wall murals and our process, please contact us.


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