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Way Finding Directional Signs

Custom directional signs in Atlanta offer one of the keys to a great customer experience.


But no single sign can do the trick. Proper wayfinding involves creating a system of navigation using signs, signals, and other visual cues to move people efficiently from A to B.


Broadly speaking, there are four main types of outdoor directional signs:


  • Identification signs identify places of business, as well as specific rooms, areas, and features inside. These signs typically don’t provide directions or wayfinding in the traditional sense. Instead, they’re used to confirm the visitors’ arrival at a specific destination. Identification signs use a mix of text of icons to convey their messages.
  • Directional signs: Unlike identification signs, directional signs do not appear at the location. Instead, they appear at junctions and points along the way to keep people moving towards their destination. Put another way, directional signs lead you to the identification sign. Since these two wayfinding sign types work together, it’s usually a good idea to order them as part of a package Directional signs also keep people moving in transit areas like airports, directing the flow of traffic to discourage people from idling in busy areas.
  • Informational signs are less about wayfinding than providing supplemental information for the trip ahead, such as warnings about traffic and dangerous conditions.
  • Regulatory signs: Like informational signs, regulatory signs provide supplemental information about the spaces you’re entering and traveling through. Restricted area warnings, speed limits, and smoking signs are all regulatory signs that appear in wayfinding sign packages.


Custom Wayfinding and Directional Signs in Atlanta, GA


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