Ways To Boost Your Shop’s Curb Appeal With Good Signage

Ways To Boost Your Shop’s Curb Appeal With Good Signage

Dec 2020

Ways To Boost Your Shop’s Curb Appeal With Good Signage

Good, impressionable curb appeal is essential for attracting brand-new customers. But what’s the best way to give your storefront’s appearance a boost? Signage is a fundamental aspect of your business’s curb appeal. It informs customers about your brand and the type of products and services you offer. There are plenty of ways to boost your shop’s curb appeal with good signage. These three simple ideas will make your storefront look great while still allowing you to promote your business.

Show Off Your Brand

Your company’s branding is essential to attracting customers. It’s one of the first things that passersby notice. A lack of branding or poorly designed advertisements can leave customers unsure of what your business is and what it sells, making them question your reliability. There’s more than one way to show off your business’s branding and personality with your signage. You could opt for a traditional storefront sign or include your business’s name and logo on a multi-functional awning. A well-designed storefront sign, no matter the type, will give your building a splash of color and make it seem unique, professional, and trustworthy.

Use the Sidewalk To Your Advantage

We’ve all seen them before—they’re the small, foldable signs we see in front of bars and restaurants, written in colorful chalk, or the sleek, more professional-looking signs found in front of museums and jewelry stores. Sidewalk signs are a terrific way to capitalize on foot traffic. You can promote products and ongoing promotions, or announce a contest, soup of the day, or a one-day flash sale. A foldable, wooden sign is the perfect choice if you want your business to look rustic, chic, or approachable. Signs made from metal, on the other hand, can give your storefront an appearance that’s elegant or refined.

Use Your Windows

Another way to boost your shop’s curb appeal with good signage is to make use of your windows. Your windows are an underestimated marketing tool. Instead of leaving them empty, you can use them to promote upcoming sales and promotions, products, and customer testimonials. Window displays don’t exclusively grab people’s attention during the holiday season. They can convert window shoppers into paying customers year-round. You can hang banners or make in-store signage and displays viewable from inside as well.

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