Welcome To the New Age: Digital Signage

Welcome To the New Age: Digital Signage

Apr 2019

Welcome To the New Age: Digital Signage

Signage is pretty simple in its essence. And that’s what makes it so accessible; so effective. You have a business, brand, product, or service to advertise, you put up a sign. It says, “Look at how great this thing is”. People see it and say, “Hey, that thing looks great. Let’s buy it.”. Or, the sign conveys something even simpler. Like, “No Parking”. The simplicity of signage is to its credit. So why mess with that? Do we really need digital signage? Is that really necessary?


Digital Signage

The answer is, yes, sometimes digital signage is necessary. Sometimes digital signage is far more effective than traditional signage. Why is this? Well, one advantage of digital signage is that you can display multiple messages on the same space. Such signs would be LED, LCD, or HID screens. But even more basic forms of illuminated signage can help. We now live in a digital age and this has altered how we see the world. We have become hardwired to pay attention to digital and electronic displays more so than static signage. Because of this, digital signage is becoming more and more popular. Digital signage is powerful, flexible, and has the ability to bring your brand to life in ways that traditional signage simply cannot.


Examples of Digital Signage

Digital signage can come in the form of digital neon signs, fluorescent signs, and the aforementioned LED/LCD/HID signs. All electronic signs are classified as “illuminant media”.This means that they use light to convey their message. Because of this, they’re ideal for nighttime and dark areas, because this allows them to be seen at great distances. Digital signage can be static or dynamic.


Digital Signage Vs. Traditional Signage

Digital signage possesses several advantages over traditional signage. First, digital signage has been demonstrated to increase average customer dwell time, meaning customers spend more time looking at digital signage, and this in turn increases average customer spend.Second, digital signage allows you to utilize the eye-catching power of video to keep your audience’s attention and to create an entertaining in-store environment.


Third, interactive digital signage creates opportunities for data-driven marketing and social media growth. What does this mean? Well, digital signage might display messages as part of a promotion in which customers are urged to engage with social media accounts or provide their email to receive an in-store discount. In such a case, you can use digital signage to more or less double the value of your digital marketing campaign because existing online content can be reused on the local platform.


What it all comes down to is that digital signage often saves businesses time and money. While the digital sign itself will cost more than a static sign, the truth is that with digital signage, it is much less expensive to develop new ads and promotional materials than doing so for traditional signage. Once a traditional sign says, “Try our new sandwich”, that’s all it will ever say, even if you stop selling that sandwich. A digital sign can be used and reused over and over to promote many different sandwiches. Lastly, digital signage is easy! Basic text displays take about as much time and effort as social media posts.


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