What Can You Do with a Custom Wall Mural?

What Can You Do with a Custom Wall Mural?

Aug 2019

What Can You Do with a Custom Wall Mural?

Custom wall murals are the most elaborate option when it comes to wall graphics . There’s a lot you can do with various wall signs and graphic, but none can have quite the profound effect that a floor-to-ceiling wall mural can have. Wall murals aren’t for providing directional signage or identifying businesses, buildings, or rooms. They are for bold branding solutions or for generating strong feelings within people. It’s all about what your wall mural says, how it looks, and where it’s installed. Here’s what you can do with a custom wall mural in the Atlanta-area of Georgia.

Custom Wall Graphics

Wall graphics can be used for a plethora of purposes. Want a directional sign that points to the restrooms in a way that’s not boring? Why not have a stylized arrow along with amusing drawings of a man and a woman to indicate the male and female restrooms? That would look great in your Atlanta bar or restaurant. Or maybe you want to set a mood or atmosphere? A custom digitally printed wallpaper depicting a forest would be great for an Atlanta retail store that sells camping, hiking, and outdoor equipment.

Custom Wall Murals For Branding

But all of the above graphics can’t quite do what a well-made wall mural can do. Wall murals are typically bigger, bolder, and more sophisticated than other types of wall graphics. Wall murals have a meaning to convey, and not just a simple meaning like “Elevator This Way”, or “50% Off Paper Towels”. For example, a wall mural on the external wall of your Atlanta-area business can act as a great identifier for your business as well as to brand the space around it. Everybody will know your café, retail store, yoga studio, or whatever, as the one with the beautiful wall mural.

Custom Wall Murals For Motivation

Custom wall murals are often used in offices and similar types of businesses. In such cases, these murals are usually intended for the staff, not for guests or clients, but they can be directed towards them as well. This type of wall mural is increasingly popular, especially with startups and businesses with ergonomic office environments in Atlanta today. For such offices, you want a custom wall mural that speaks to the identity of your business. What do you stand for? What motivates you? You want to clearly portray your business’s identity and motivate your staff to work together and work hard to achieve your collective goals. This can be done with a series of word bubbles that communicate what your business is all about or graphics that tell a story with images.

Custom Wall Murals For Unity

Sometimes wall murals are meant for the outside world as much as the organization that displays them. Wall murals can be a great tool to promote unity and togetherness as part of a community. This is why wall murals are very popular among community centers, schools, charities, as well as churches and other houses of worship. If you run a community center in the Atlanta area, a custom wall mural depicting members of the community having fun, playing sports, and working together can be really inspiring.

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