What Custom Indoor Signs Do I Need?

What Custom Indoor Signs Do I Need?

Oct 2019

What Custom Indoor Signs Do I Need?

Managing a business is tough anywhere and in a place like Atlanta, GA, it can be very competitive. You need every advantage you can get and that includes your signage. If you have high quality, custom indoor signs in your place of business, you can impress your customers and convey qualities of your brand identity. Whether you run a restaurant in Atlanta, a retail store in Vinings, or a non-profit organization Marietta, you can really benefit from having custom indoor signs. But what custom indoor signs do you need?

Functional Signs

The most fun signs to think about and design are big promotional ones. But before we can get to those, we have to deal with the more functional signs. They may not be as glamorous but you are likelier to need them. Not every Atlanta-area business needs a roof sign or a wall mural, but any business that has a restroom needs restroom signs. Unless your business is very small, you probably need some directional signage as well. Entrance / Exit signs are also pretty universal as are hours of operations signs. And if your business has a reception desk you probably need a sign to point it out.


All of these signs are functional, so why do they need to look good or be custom designed? Can’t you get these signs standard? In some cases, yes, but keep in mind all these signs say at least two things. They say where the restroom is, for example, but they also say something about your business. Is yours a business that invests in its image and its customer’s experience? Does your business have a clear understanding of who you are and what you stand for? Or did you just buy a bunch of cheap signs and slap them on the wall?


What Signs Say

Any sign you put up says something beyond the message it displays. Just like the words that come out of your mouth will be interpreted differently if you’re wearing a nice suit or ratty old jeans and a grease-stained t-shirt, the look of your signs matters. Custom indoor signs will make your signs, and therefore your business, stand apart from the rest. If all of your indoor signs, no matter how utilitarian they are, have the same color scheme, use the same font, and are made of similar materials, then you will be able to convey a clear sense of your business’s identity.


Promotional Signs

Your functional signs really should be custom but your promotional signs have to be custom. You need to display the name of your business somewhere. Maybe with a door sign or a wall sign. If you run a retail business in Atlanta you should probably have a point of purchase sign to indicate where the cash register is and maybe display an impulse buy item. And then there are graphics you can use to really stand out. Wall, ceiling, and floor graphics are all great forms of custom indoor signage that will brand your space wonderfully.


Atlanta Custom Signs

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