What Kinds of Signs Can You Put on a Fence?

What Kinds of Signs Can You Put on a Fence?

Jul 2019

What Kinds of Signs Can You Put on a Fence?

Fences provide a great space for signage. There tends to be a lot of surface area on any given fence and that means there’s lots of real estate for a sign. What kinds of signs can you put on a fence? What types of signs should you consider for your fence?

What are the uses for custom fence signs

What kind of signs go on fences? A fence is meant to keep people (or animals) in or out, what kind of information could one display there? Well, there are lots of different types of messages that might be appropriate for a custom fence sign. Some possible uses for custom fence signs include:

To advertise sponsors at local sporting events, festivals, or outdoor conventions

To display spiritual messages, quote scripture, or communicate inspirational messages on the fences around the property of churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, and other places of worship.

To explicitly state territorial boundaries

To provide wayfinding and directional information in residential, commercial, and industrial settings No trespassing signs

To inform visitors that they may be under surveillance, To warn visitors of potentially hazardous materials or unsafe conditions

To promote residential and commercial properties for sale

Electric fence signs Parking signs including: Parking for staff only, visitor parking, accessible parking, and parking hours information Welcome signs for guests at public and private events

Custom fence signs for construction

There is always a lot of construction going on in and around Atlanta. As a result, construction sites account for a high number of all the fence signs we see every day. Construction sites might have many of the fence signs listed above, but they also tend to have fence signs customized just for their companies and their industry. Some examples of custom fence signs for construction sites include:

  • Signs to promote the construction company or contractor and to brand the site as theirs
  • “We Apologize for the Inconvenience” signs
  • Hardhats, protective eyewear, proper footwear, etc., must be worn on site.
  • “Caution: People at Work” signs
  • Custom graphics of an artist’s rendition of what the finished project will look like

Materials for Custom Fence Signs

Whether you’re an Atlanta-area contractor who needs signs for all your fences or a property owner who wants to display a custom fence sign on your fence, you have a few options for materials. Some of the most common custom fence sign materials include:

  • Vinyl Banners are flexible, tear-resistant, and are easy to move. Well-designed vinyl banners are also very durable because they can hold up to extreme heat and cold, so they are ideal for outdoor use.
  • Coroplast, often called “plastic cardboard” because of its hollow-fluted design, is a waterproof and durable corrugated plastic. Coroplast is lightweight and easy to install.
  • Dibond consists of a solid plastic core sandwiched between two aluminum sheets. Dibond makes for good custom fence signs because it is lightweight, rustproof, waterproof, and ten times as strong as 0.04” aluminum.
  • Aluminum is a classic option for a custom fence sign. Aluminum is strong, durable, and lightweight. Aluminum makes for great long-term fence signs because it never rusts, rots, or wears down, even in the worst weather Atlanta has to offer.

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