What You Can Do With Hanging Door Signs

What You Can Do With Hanging Door Signs

Dec 2019

What You Can Do With Hanging Door Signs

Hanging door signs give business managers and store owners in the Atlanta area a lot of Georgia a lot of options. Sometimes there are signs you want to hang on your door temporarily or intermittently, so a permanent door sign doesn’t suit your needs. Sometimes a hanging door sign is a more affordable option and sometimes it just suits your aesthetic better. Here’s what you can do with hanging door signs.


Open / Closed Signs

Perhaps the most classic hanging door sign is the “OPEN / CLOSED” sign. The function of this hanging door sign is pretty straight forward: to let customers know if your business is currently open or closed. The “open” and “closed” words are printed on either side of the sign panel so you can just flip it around when you open and close your business. Perhaps the most common version of this hanging door sign is a wire hanging from a suction cup that has been stuck on to the surface of the door. But you can also use a metal chain to suspend the panel. If you have a wooden door, you can screw a hook into the door from which to hang your OPEN / CLOSED sign if you want to avoid a suction cup.


Hours Of Operation Signs

Hours of operation signs, also known as business hours signs, are very similar to OPEN / CLOSED signs. So similar in fact that they are sometimes incorporated into the same sign. Underneath where it says “open” and/or “closed” you can list what hours your Atlanta store or business is open for every day of the week. Simple, functional, but incredibly useful. People can’t give you their money if you’re closed every time they visit.


Unique Hanging Door Signs

You can buy standard, universal, nondescript OPEN / CLOSED and hours of operation hanging door signs. But they’re pretty drab and uninteresting. They will impart important information only to those who already seek that information. A standard looking “open” hanging door sign isn’t going to attract anybody new into your Atlanta business. But with a unique design, it has a chance of attracting the attention of passersby. Whether the unique design is a simple as keeping with your color scheme to convey a strong brand identity or if it’s more complex utilizing a special font, border, or slogan, a unique hanging door can give your business a little extra advantage for very little cost.


Promotional Hanging Door Signs

Sometimes hanging door signs are used for more directly promotional reasons. You can use a hanging door sign to announce a special sale, to declare that you carry a special product or line of products, or to display your business’s motto or slogan. Some hanging door signs employ whiteboards or chalkboards on which you can write and erase different messages. These are popular for restaurants and bars that have different specials every day, but they can also be useful for retail stores that have different sales. Such a hanging door sign can be used instead of or in addition to a sidewalk a-frame sign with a chalkboard or whiteboard.


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