What You Need to Know About Wall Graphic Design

What You Need to Know About Wall Graphic Design

Oct 2019

What You Need to Know About Wall Graphic Design

Wall graphics are an excellent way to deliver an impactful message. Wall graphics allow for peak creativity when it comes to signage. Really, your only limit is the amount of space on your wall with which you can work. And there is often a lot of space on walls. If you’re considering getting sharp-looking wall graphics for your Atlanta, GA, business or organization, there are a few things you should know first. Here is what you need to know about wall graphic design.


Wall Graphics

Unless you have painted your walls blood red or neon fuschia (which very few businesses do) your walls are probably pretty boring. But that’s OK; it will only help your wall graphics stand out even more. With wall graphics you can transform a bland, nondescript space, to a visually interesting and branded area. When it comes to exterior walls, a well-designed wall graphic can generate impressions at an incredible rate and inform and entice potential customers. When it comes to interior walls, you can use wall graphics to motivate your staff and to enrich your company culture.


Wall Graphic Design

Of course, your wall graphic has to be designed-well, preferably by design experts at your local sign studio. An expertly designed, customized wall graphic can be perfect for commercial, industrial, or residential purposes. It’s important that your wall graphic be custom designed to fit your business’s image and your brand’s identity.You want your wall graphic to be appealing, unique, and identifiable as being part of your business. When commissioning a wall graphic, make sure to tell the designer about any colors, fonts, patterns, or anything else that is visually important to your brand. At Atlanta Custom Signs, our wall graphics are durable and can stand up to the occasionally harsh weather we get in this part of Georgia. And wall graphics can even be installed on rough and porous concrete and block walls.


Wall Graphics Materials

Some popular wall sign materials include:

  • Aluminum – An aluminum sign can make a great wall graphic. Aluminum wall graphics are usually 0.40-0.80” thick with a protective enamel finish. Aluminum is a great material because it is strong, durable, and great for outdoor use. Aluminum graphics come in any color with reflective and graphic options available.
  • Dibond signs – Dibond wall graphics sandwich a plastic core between aluminum panels. Dibond wall graphics are lightweight and easy to install and are still very durable. Dibond has all the customization potential of aluminum, but is more rigid.
  • Alumalite graphics – Alumalite is made of corrugated plastic core with two aluminum panels. Alumalite is, as its name suggests, extremely lightweight and can be printed on both sides. Alumalite is an excellent alternative to wood.
  • Vinyl graphics – Digitally printed vinyl is very versatile and very durable with a protective overlaminate
  • Wallpapers – You may not think of wallpaper when you think of wall graphic design, but digitally printed wallpapers can display any graphic you want and you can also get digitally printed textured wallpaper.

Atlanta Custom Signs

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