What’s the Perfect Amount of Interior Store Signage?

What’s the Perfect Amount of Interior Store Signage?

May 2022

What’s the Perfect Amount of Interior Store Signage?

In a lot of ways, figuring out how to set up your outdoor signage is much easier than setting up your interior ones. With exterior signs, there are a lot of factors that keep you from going overboard. Plus, the reasons for putting them up out there are more straightforward.

Unfortunately, many businesses either don’t use enough indoor signage or put out way too much. If you have found yourself struggling with either of these extremes, then this blog post focused on finding the perfect amount of interior store signage is for you.

Why You Need Interior Signs

To start, if you’re not putting up any signs inside of your store, you’re missing a huge opportunity. Convincing a customer to buy something from you doesn’t stop when they walk through your front door. You need to try selling to them constantly, and the most unobtrusive way to do that is through signage.

You can put up a few signs that have a call to action on them or a witty saying that pushes for a sale. However, something as simple as listing off your restaurant’s specials or pointing out where the men’s section is in a clothing store can do wonders for your business. The fewer questions a customer must ask to find what they’re looking for, the better. Either failing to put up enough signs or not having any at all can hinder your overall sales.

Why Too Much Is a Bad Thing

Despite all of that, there is such a thing as having too many signs. Trying to tell your customers too much at once can lead to informational or sensory overload. They don’t need to learn about every detail of your return policy through signs posted all over your store. Plus, too many signs might look messy, which can turn off some customers. While the info that signs give is vital, just like most things in this world, too much of anything can be a bad.

How To Figure Out the Right Amount

Sadly, there is no correct answer when it comes to figuring out the perfect amount of interior store signage. The best advice we can give is to look and see what similar businesses have done for their stores and restaurants. Think about how their level of signage makes you feel. Is it too much, or do you wish there was a bit more?

Once you’ve done that, try to emulate that perfect balance in your shop. You might not get it perfect right away but be sure to gauge how your customers react and tune it accordingly. Through some trial and error, we know you’ll find the right amount of signage for your store.

Of course, we’re always here to help too. If you need some custom signs in Atlanta, Georgia, our company will be at your service. We’ve dedicated ourselves to helping all local stores with their sign creation needs to ensure that they get the results they’re looking for.


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