When And How To Use Custom Floor Graphics

When And How To Use Custom Floor Graphics

Mar 2020

When And How To Use Custom Floor Graphics

Custom floor graphics are an unorthodox form of signage. You don’t see custom floor graphics as often as you see other types of graphics. And that’s to their advantage. Custom floor graphics always stand out.


It’s difficult to grab people’s attention in a crowded market like the Atlanta area of Georgia. Signage needs to be well-designed and eye-catching. But sometimes that’s not enough. Location is also key and floor graphics are always visible.


Floor graphics are always visible assuming you don’t have furniture sitting on it. And you don’t have to worry about people seeing it above other people’s heads or other obstructions. Even small children can see the floor, so floor graphics have major visibility going for them. But what kinds of messages and images are appropriate for custom floor graphics? What can you put on your floor?


Custom floor graphics can be used for just about anything your Atlanta-area business or organization needs. OK, you probably shouldn’t put the American flag on custom floor graphics, but most other images and messages will work.


Just what can one do with custom floor graphics? Custom floor graphics are great for branding spaces. Let’s say you manage a hotel in Atlanta. Custom floor graphics are a great way of branding the lobby. Put your hotel’s name or logo on your custom floor graphics and maybe a slogan. Custom floor graphics are a great way of conveying your brand identity. Depending on the colors, fonts, and designs you use, you can communicate that your Atlanta hotel is fun, professional, classy, or anything else.


Custom floor graphics aren’t just for businesses, either. There are plenty of non-commercial uses for custom floor graphics in Atlanta, Smyrna, Decatur, and elsewhere in Georgia.


Floor graphics can be used to give people motivation, as well. Custom floor graphics on the locker room floor of a Smyrna high school can motivate the basketball team and improve team unity. Or use custom floor graphics at a rec center in Decatur to bring the community together and help everybody have fun. How you do this is up to you. Remember, these are custom floor graphics, so you can do just about whatever you want with them.


“But won’t custom floor graphics chip and peel away? Especially if a lot of people walk on them?” This is a common question we get from people in Atlanta and the answer is, “No”. Not if you get high quality custom floor graphics.


You need to make sure your custom floor graphics are well made. Durability is more important for custom floor graphics than most other types of signage. Floor graphics are often made of self-adhesive vinyl decals that can be completely customized to feature any text, logos, images, or patterns. At Atlanta Custom Signs, all of our custom floor graphics are heavy-traffic durable, easy to clean and install, and highly affordable.


Floor graphics are slightly different depending on where they’re installed. Indoor graphics are available in low-tack materials so they are easy to reposition and feature slip-resistant textures to keep visitors safe. Outdoor graphics can adhere to rough outdoor surfaces like concrete and asphalt. To learn more about custom floor graphics, please contact us today via our website or call us at 470-355-8170.


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