Why Business Signage Matter During the Holidays

Why Business Signage Matter During the Holidays

Nov 2021

Why Business Signage Matter During the Holidays

That wondrous time of year is almost here again: the holiday shopping season. While all of us should be thinking about the holidays as a time for family, when you’re a business owner, you also need to push your product during this time. And there’s no better way to do that than with advertising.

If you want to attract local shoppers, then you’ll need to put up some signs. However, if you’re one of those people who doesn’t see the point of putting them up, then this article on why business signage matters during the holidays should change your mind.

Holiday Theming Draws People In

There’s no better way to get people’s attention than with decorations that remind them the holidays are coming. If you get people thinking about the holidays, they’ll realize they still have presents to buy—and the closer we get to that time of year, the more desperate that realization will get.

While redesigning your storefront works great for this, it only works if your potential customers are nearby. That’s why you need signs placed around town that all have a uniform theme. That way, you can grab the attention of people you previously couldn’t and bring them to your store.

Discounts Must Be Well Communicated

The other key component that draws people in is the discounts. Outside of Black Friday, other stores are discounting everything they can to get people to come and take a look at what they’ve got. If you’re reducing the prices of your products, then you need to effectively let people know through your marketing channels. Your signage is a part of that. So, make your signs holiday-themed and let people know about your sales.

These Sales Are a Large Part of Yearly Sales

You might be wondering, “Why do I need to try so hard this time of year?” Well, because holiday sales make up for about a quarter of yearly sales on average. For some businesses, this number is astronomically higher. As a business owner, you can’t treat the holiday season like any other time, or you might be dooming yourself in the future.

Competition Gets Intense

High sales numbers during the holiday season make competition intense. Every company is trying to get a piece of that “holiday pie” in order to help their business grow and succeed.

This is precisely why business signage matters during the holidays. It can give you a competitive edge against other local stores, whose owners don’t think putting up signs is worth the effort. By setting up your own, you’re putting yourself at an advantage over them and giving a large boost to your own sales.


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