Why Business Storefront Signs Are So Important

Why Business Storefront Signs Are So Important

Feb 2020

Why Business Storefront Signs Are So Important

If you manage a business in the Atlanta-area that has a storefront, you need to understand the importance of that space. The look of your storefront and its accompanying signage is critical to your success.


Your storefront is the face of your Atlanta, GA, business. You need just the right storefront signs for your business to leave the best impression on customers and passersby.


Sometimes our society is too superficial. While this may be so, you still care what you look like. Nobody’s face is perfect but we all want to make sure we’re as presentable as possible. Men want to make sure they are either clean shaven or their beard is neatly trimmed. Women (and sometimes men) want to make sure their makeup looks good. And we all want to make sure there’s nothing stuck in our teeth. Well, your storefront is the face of your business. You need it to look good, too.


Few businesses can control the physical building they occupy. If you’re renting a commercial space in the Atlanta area, the physical appearance of the building is largely beyond your control. But you can control the appearance of your storefront. And a huge part of this is your choice of business storefront signs. How many business storefront signs do you need? How big should your business storefront sign be? Will your storefront sign merely display the name of your business or other information as well? How can you ensure that your business storefront sign is ‘on-brand’? These are all questions you should go over with a local sign studio.


How do you maximize the effect of your business storefront sign? Getting people’s attention in Atlanta is rarely easy. But the right sign can be a hugely effective promotional tool for your business.


Every business has a different storefront. The best storefront sign for your Atlanta-area business depends on the space you have to work with. Do you have a big storefront or a small one? Do you have a prominent storefront window? Do you have an awning? If you have an awning, an awning sign is any obvious place to start. There’s no reason not to brand your awning with your business’s name and maybe logo, slogan, phone number, and address.


If your business is located on a street with a lot of pedestrian or vehicle traffic, a projecting sign can be very effective. Projecting signs stick out perpendicularly from the surface of your storefront, with a sign panel on each side so people coming from either direction can easily see your business storefront sign. Businesses with large windows can use window signs and graphics. For large scale window graphics, you can use a perforated graphic that allows you to see out your window, but people outside only see your fabulous business storefront sign

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The right storefront sign is different for every business. It’s best to work with a local sign studio to get their advice on what type of business storefront sign works best for your space, as well as which materials you should use and how to make your business storefront sign’s aesthetic consistent with your brand. To get started or to learn more about business storefront signs, please contact us via our website or call 470-355-8170.


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