Why Digital Signs Are Worth the Investment

Why Digital Signs Are Worth the Investment

Oct 2019

Why Digital Signs Are Worth the Investment

Business owners, especially new business owners, don’t typically budget a lot of money for their sign inventory. It’s understandable why. We here at Atlanta Custom Signs think signs are great and we think about them all the time. But then, signs are our business. Your business (presumably) is something else, so new business owners are typically focussed on other things. And this is sometimes reflected in their budgets. And it’s not always a problem. You can get some great looking and effective signage without spending a lot of money. But other times, it really pays to invest in a more expensive sign. One such sign would be a digital sign.

Digital Signs

We live in a digital age. You can’t turn on a radio program, read a news article, or see a tech advertisement without being reminded of that. And yet, some signage has stayed resolutely analog. And this largely isn’t a problem. There are plenty of types of signs that are very effective and have no need to be digital, such as awning signs, floor graphics, post-and-panel signs, and wayfinding signage, to name just a few. But that doesn’t mean that digital technology can offer nothing to the world of signage.

Digital signs have several key advantages over non digital signs. The first is illumination. Digital signs use digital screens and are therefore lit up. Things that are bright are easier to see than things that are not. It’s a fairly simple principle. But of course there are other forms of lighted signs –neon signs, fluorescent signs, LED signs, etc.– so why go with a digital sign?


Advantages Of Digital Signs

Digital signs create the effect of movement. The human eye is drawn to movement so when we walk past a digital display we are bound to take notice of it in ways that are not necessarily true for other signs. But beyond just generating impressions, digital signs have been shown to increase average customer dwell time, which means that they spend more time registering the message or messages on the digital sign and that they spend more time in the vicinity of your Atlanta-area business. Digital signs also make for a great environment. They can really make your Atlanta retail store or quick service restaurant seem like a high tech, successful, and engaging place.


Cost Saving Analyses Of Digital Signs

A digital sign will cost more than a standard static sign of the same size; this is true. But digital signs can actually save you money. Digital signs do this because they can be reprogrammed. You can use a digital sign to advertise a sale and when the sale is over, you need not buy a whole new sign, you just change the message you’ve programed the digital sign to display. Digital signs can also cycle through several screens meaning you would have to buy several analog signs to display the same information. Lastly, you can reuse any online material on your digital sign so it won’t necessarily take more of your time to create a digital sign display.


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