Why Do I Need a Portable Business Sign?

Why Do I Need a Portable Business Sign?

Jun 2019

Why Do I Need a Portable Business Sign?

When running a business, especially a small business, it can be tough to know how much money and space you should devote to signage. Competition is tough in the Atlanta area and profit margins are often slim, especially for new businesses. Some signage is absolutely necessary but for other signs, many business owners need to be convinced of their value before they purchase them. What about a portable business sign? What types of Atlanta businesses could use portable signs? And when?

Portable Business Signs

The term “portable sign” is an interesting one because it is unlike many other terms in the signage industry. Some signs are defined by their shape or their materials, eg. banners, awning signs, pole signs, post & panel signs, etc. Other signs are defined by their purpose: ADA signs, hours of operation signs, restroom signs, wayfinding/directional signs, etc. But “portable” doesn’t tell you what the sign looks like, what it’s made of, or what its purpose is. It just tells us that the sign is portable. As such, a portable sign can be any one of a number of different types of signs and could be used for one or more of a multitude of purposes.

Types of Portable Business Signs

For a sign to be portable it has to be small and lightweight enough to move and should be easy to install and set up where you need it. Some of the most popular types of portable signs include:

  • Banners
  • A-frame signs
  • Sidewalk signs
  • Vinyl graphics
  • Free-standing pole signs
  • Free-standing flags
  • Free-standing trailer-mounted signs
  • And more!

When and Where to use Portable Business Signs

So the above are the various types of designs and makes of portable signs. But who should use a portable business sign? And when? Well, portable signs are ideal for scenarios such as:

Restaurants often use portable signs to advertise daily specials and live entertainment.

Portable signs are great for sidewalk advertising to engage foot traffic at eye-level and generate leads; these signs can be brought inside overnight.

Portable signs can be used at conferences to announce guest speakers and event times.

Trade shows are full of portable signs at various booths providing pop-up promotional resources.

Seasonal messaging is a very common use for portable signs; announce special sales or just wish people a happy holiday or a fun summer.

Grand openings.

Special events of any kind.

Portable signs can supplement permanent signage in storefronts.

In-store set-ups, to direct foot-traffic to point-of-sale displays or announce limited time offers.

And more!

Figuring out the Right Type of Portable Sign for your Atlanta-area Business

Whether you have a big trade show coming up in Sandy Springs, you’re managing a conference in Atlanta, or want to promote the grand opening of a business in Marietta, it can be difficult to know exactly what type of portable sign is best for you. And how should you design that sign? What do you put on it? To answer all these questions and more, you should work with a reputable and trusted Atlanta-based sign and graphics company.

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