Why Empty Wall Space Hurts Your Business

Why Empty Wall Space Hurts Your Business

Apr 2022

Why Empty Wall Space Hurts Your Business

One tricky part of opening a physical store is coming up with a stylish layout while still fitting our business’s tone. Not all of us have a knack for design, so many new shop owners opt to keep things basic.

Even though this might seem like a safe approach, you could be sabotaging your business without even knowing it. While this problem can exist in all areas of your store’s design, we will focus on the walls today and why empty wall space hurts your business.

It Makes Your Space Feel Empty

Although a crowded store can make customers feel claustrophobic, if your space feels too empty to your customers, the chances of coming back can be slim. Customers may think you’re going out of business before you begin. That’s not the impression you want to give consumers.

While setting up more product stands on the shop floor will help, your store will still seem empty if you have barren walls. It can help your space if you put up some eye-catching patterns or maybe even some store-related signage. Consider ordering custom business signs for your store. Atlanta Custom Signs is here to assist you with unique designs that will draw your customer’s attention.

Your Store Will Seem Boring

Many business owners make the common mistake of trying to appeal to everyone. That isn’t always possible when you run a niche company, so designing your store in a neutral way that tries to make everyone happy can turn off your preferred clientele.

Instead, learn more about your target market to determine what styles they like and incorporate that into your design. You’d be surprised how much the right aesthetic improves the opinion someone will have of your store. So go ahead and add some life to those walls; we’re sure you’ll notice a difference in the interest of your new and existing customers.

It’s a Missed Opportunity

Perhaps the biggest reason why empty wall space hurts your business is that it’s a missed opportunity. One of your company’s main goals is to drive sales and make a profit. If you’re not utilizing every aspect of your store to work towards that goal, you’re potentially losing out on money, and yes, that even applies to your walls.

You can use that space to let people know about a blowout sale you’re having or show off some of your best products. At the end of the day, as long as you’re fully utilizing your wall space, you’ve made a giant step towards making your business succeed.


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