Why It’s Worth it to Invest in Unique Restroom Signs

Why It’s Worth it to Invest in Unique Restroom Signs

Dec 2019

Why It's Worth it to Invest in Unique Restroom Signs

When you begin the process of starting a business, or when you take over as manager of a business, here in the Atlanta area of Georgia, you quickly begin to realize many things that weren’t quite clear to you before. For example, competition is stiff in just about every market in Atlanta. Really stiff. This means that any small advantages you can find can prove hugely beneficial. One small advantage you can give your business is making it stand out in subtle ways; making it unique. And one way you can do that is with signage.


Unique Signage

Another thing you’ll realize when you begin running a business is that customers can get lost and confused and this can be a huge problem. Even if the floor plan of your Atlanta restaurant, grocery store, or other business seems simple to you, if people are unfamiliar with it, they can get confused. And this makes them frustrated, perhaps even embarrassed, and they will associate these bad feelings with your business. That’s not good. That’s why you need wayfinding signage to help direct them to where they need to go, eg: the restroom.


That’s another thing people don’t realize about business management: you need a lot of signs. Many business owners just focus on their storefront sign or a large business logo sign and they neglect the others. “Oh yeah”, they think, three days before opening day, “Put a sign on that restroom door”. OK, so that serves the function of demarcating the restroom. But it does little else. It’s not unique.


Unique Restroom Signs

Why does it matter if your restroom sign is unique? You can get a standardized restroom sign that does the job just fine, right? Well, yes, you can. But that’s all it will do. When your signage is unique, however, it can accomplish much more. Unique restroom signs can get across the personality of your business. Unique restroom signs can convey something of your business’s identity.


Let’s say you run a restaurant or bar in Atlanta and you appeal to an eclectic crowd. You have unorthodox decorations and you’re trying to offer an alternative vibe. Are plain old male and female (or gender neutral) restroom signs going to accomplish that? No. But something unique could. If you run a gin bar, how about 19th century British drawings or photos of a man and a woman? If you run a punk bar, how about photos of man and woman dressed in punk garb, respectively? The options are endless.


Or let’s say you run an office somewhere outside of Atlanta, such as Marietta. Many offices carefully choose their color schemes and aesthetics. Whether you’re going for ultra modern and laid back or professional and sophisticated, the standard restroom signs don’t really convey that, but you could commission unique restroom signs that do go with your aesthetic. Yes, restroom signs are a small touch. But they don’t require a significant investment, so there’s very little reason not to get them. The possible benefits of sticking out and being memorable far outweigh the minimal outlay of funds.


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