Why You Should Update Your Business Sign

Why You Should Update Your Business Sign

Jul 2020

Why You Should Update Your Business Sign

The signage that you use in front of your business shows everyone not only where you are but who you are. Signs serve a variety of functions: they are informative and decorative, and they draw attention to your business. From restaurants to retail shops to plumbers, signage is part of the face of your business. There are times, however, when a change in your sign is in order. We have four reasons why you should update your business sign.

The Old One Is Beat Up

If you have a sign above the front door, on the face of the building, or on the side, it’s going to take some abuse. Mother Nature is undefeated when it comes to anything being outside 100 percent of the time. After a while the sign will start to age, fade, crack, and look beat up and abused. That doesn’t speak well for your business. A fresh, clean, good-looking sign presents your shop in the proper light. It looks like you care about your business and how the public views it.

Tastes and Styles Change

As the saying goes, “Times change,” and in the 21st century, it seems like they change daily. The speed at which trends come and go often boggles the mind. Social media and the internet make it possible to see different color palettes, fonts, and design options all over the world. If you have signage that was put up in the 1980s, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Bring your business into the now with updated graphics and colors that match the current trends.

Display Different Information

Signs are more than colorful graphics and catchy slogans; they share information. It could be a list of services, a phone number, address, or mission statement. Having outdated information on a sign will only confuse people and lead to lost opportunities and revenue. If anything changes, especially a phone number or name, it’s time to update your business sign with the new information.

You Are Rebranding the Business

The fourth reason why you should update your business sign involves branding. A company’s brand is its identity; branding informs how the public knows the company. Sometimes companies will rebrand for different reasons. They want to get current with their messaging or change their color scheme, or they are taking the business in a whole new direction. When the brand changes, everything must change, including signage. Every facet of a business’s brand must change for the rebranding to be effective.


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