Why Your Atlanta Storefront Needs a Custom Sign

Why Your Atlanta Storefront Needs a Custom Sign

Sep 2019

Why Your Atlanta Storefront Needs a Custom Sign

Some business owners in Atlanta misunderstand what a storefront really is. It is the face of your business. It is an opportunity to make a positive impression on passersby. And the best way to do that is with a custom storefront sign.

Storefronts In Atlanta, GA

A storefront performs several different functions apart from the obvious one of acting as a wall. First, your storefront acts as an identifier. People need to be able to find your store or business when they’re looking for you. How can you do that? Are you going to put a blurb on your website telling people to look for the redbrick building? Of course not. You need a big, bold, and perhaps bright storefront sign to declare your presence to the world.

You also want to grab the attention of people who aren’t necessarily looking for your business, but who might still be interested in your products or services. To do this you need people to notice you. Whether you run a large retail store on Bennett Street or a convenience store on a smaller street, you need to stand out. To do that you need a sign. And will a standard sign that any other business can also buy work? No. You need a custom storefront sign for your unique Atlanta business.

Types Of Custom Storefronts In Atlanta, GA

The type of custom storefront sign you need for your Atlanta business depends both on the type of business you run and the configuration of your storefront. The best custom signs use the environment around them effectively to grab people’s attention and generate impressions. Some common types of storefront signs include:

  • Business sign – A classic sign spelling out the name of your business is always a good choice. You can include a logo, business slogan, telephone number, or address on such a sign. Business signs are typically oriented horizontally and are placed near the top of the storefront, above the door.
  • Awning sign – Many businesses need an awning sign to keep their storefront cool in the hot Atlanta summers or to keep rain off of the patrons sitting on their patio, such as for a restaurant or café. An awning without a sign printed on it is a wasted opportunity. Awnings stand out, so why not identify your business and brand your space with them?
  • Banners – Banners aren’t appropriate for permanent custom storefront signage, but can be used to promote sales and other events.
  • Wall graphics – Storefronts that have a lot of space can use wall graphics to promote themselves. This can be with vinyl lettering, dimensional letters, acrylic signage, or even a large wall mural.
  • Window graphics – For storefronts with a large window, window graphics are a great choice for a custom storefront sign. You can choose from vinyl decals on the less expensive side or go all out with a top-to-bottom perforated window sign displaying an attractive image to those outside but still allowing those inside to see out.

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