Your Banner Customization Options

Your Banner Customization Options

Nov 2019

Your Banner Customization Options

Banners are a great tool for businesses, organizations, and even individual people in Atlanta and nearby in Georgia. One of the things that make banners great is that they give you so many options in terms of customization. Some signs come in pretty much one style and there’s not much else you can do with them. Banners, however, present you with many options. Here are your banner customization options.


Banner Signs

Banners make for great signage for a number of occasions. Let’s say you run a clothing store in midtown Atlanta and let’s say that you’re having a sale on shoes and boots. You need a way to advertise this shoe sale to customers and passersby, so you need a sign. But do you really want to buy a permanent sign for this temporary sale? Of course not. But with banner signs, you don’t have to. Banners are inexpensive and easy to place and install wherever you need them. They are also easy to store, so if you have the same sale annually, you can easily store your banner signs for next year.


Banner signs are also quite portable. This makes them great for events you have to attend, such as trade shows. Banner signs are also great for providing signage outdoors, such as for festivals, fairs, or any outdoor event, really. Banner signs can provide directions and wayfinding, promote events, brand spaces, and advertise specific products and services.


Custom Banner Signs

A banner sign is not just one type of sign. One banner sign can look totally different from another and they would still both be banner signs. The first choice you have to make for your custom banner sign is if you want it oriented horizontally or vertically. Many of the larger banners are horizontal. If you have the right ceiling fixtures, baseball fence, or trees/poles in your setting, you string up a large horizontal banner, then these can work for you. These banners create lots of impressions because of their size and because they would be placed above everybody’s heads. Horizontal banners can also be used as backdrops which can be handy for branding areas and dividing up space, which makes them useful at trade shows, conventions, and outdoor events.


For vertical banners you might even have more customization options. Long vertical banners a little bit rare simply because businesses and events don’t always have the space to display them. If you do have a big hall with high ceilings, you can use a long vertical banner there. Otherwise, they’re mostly used outside, kind of like a really long post and panel sign, or even a non-rigid vertical sign on the side of a building. Otherwise, vertical banners typically come with their own stands, so they can be placed anywhere. These banners are usually retractable and can even be tapered to make them wind resistant (like a feather).


And then of course there are all the other customization options that come with pretty much any type of sign. With a custom banner sign you can have your choice of colors, fonts, patterns, designs, and graphics. All in all, custom banner signs are very versatile. They’re versatile in how they can look and how and where they can be used.


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