Your (Many) Custom Banner Options

Your (Many) Custom Banner Options

Feb 2020

Your (Many) Custom Banner Options

Banners are versatile and customizable signs. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor event in Marietta, staging a grand opening of a retail store in Smyrna, or attending a trade show in Atlanta, a custom banner is the perfect tool.


Custom banners have many potential uses. Need some signage for your Atlanta-area business or event? Here’s what custom banners can do for you.


One of the principal features of custom banners is they are inexpensive. In business it doesn’t always pay off to go for a cheaper option. And while there are plenty of types of signs that would be better served by more substantial, permanent forms of signage, you can rarely go wrong with a custom banner. Custom banners are especially effective for temporary or periodic use, because they are inexpensive and lightweight.


If you’re opening a restaurant, retail store, or any other type of business in or around Atlanta, you want to have a grand opening event or sale, right? Why not promote that with a banner? The banner could be as simple as saying, “GRAND OPENING”, or it could display your logo, slogan, or other information. Custom banners can be oriented vertically or horizontally. For tradeshows, you need good signage to get noticed. Vertical banners with their own stands are really handy for tradeshows and they can even retract into their own stands for maximum portability and storage.


Custom banners are also an excellent choice for outdoor use. If you’re organizing an outdoor event in Atlanta, here are some custom banner options that you should consider.


When you first organize an outdoor event, you’re probably going to realize that you need a lot more signs than you first expected. Signs to promote the event, signs to brand the outdoor space, signs to advertise the sponsors, signs to point out the washrooms, and other directional signage. And, being outdoors, you’re unlikely to have many walls or structures on which to install these banners. Enter custom banner stands.


Custom banner stands can fulfill all the above functions and more. Custom banner stands are ideal for weddings, block parties, school fairs, festivals, and any other outdoor events in Atlanta, GA. Vertical banners are much more common for banner stands and they can even be tapered at the ends to make them more wind resistant (kind of like a feather). And custom banners are very versatile when it comes to what graphics they have. You can install any text, graphics, and patterns you want on your custom banners.


Want to think outside the box when it comes to custom banners? Here are some less conventional ways you can use custom banners for your Atlanta-area business or event.


Custom banners aren’t only for temporary use. You can use banners as decoration and to add to the aesthetic of your business. You can also use long, horizontal custom banners as backdrops. You can incorporate these types of custom banners into product displays of your Atlanta retail store, use them to section off different parts of your business or event space, or to form part of your trade show display.

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